Mark Harvey Cleaning, Carpets

Carpet Cleaning

Most carpets, unless they are very worn, can be cleaned successfully.
Most stains will come out, if not completely then enough for you not to notice them.
We can advise you of the method best suited to your carpets.

clean carpets.

Hot water extraction cleaning:

Hot water and detergents are sprayed on the carpet and simultaneously extracted with powerful vacuums.This method is sometimes called "steam cleaning", but not because it uses steam, the name harks back to Victorian times when carpets were cleaned in steam operated machines.
Remaining stains are then treated individually, leaving the carpet clean and dry in approximately five hours.
We use approved "Wool Safe " products to ensure a long life for your carpet.
Your furniture will be put back in place with foil pads under the feet to protect the carpet.

Carpet dry cleaning.:

Minute sponges containing water and cleaning agents are brushed into the carpet and then vacuumed off.
Though not as effective as steam cleaning it is a safe way to clean "natural" floor coverings like sea-grass, coir and sisal.
We also use this cleaning method with carpets that cannot be wet cleaned (viscose and linen) or if the room needs to be used immediately.