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Rubber, Marmoleum and Vinyl

With Rubber, Marmoleum and Lino floors cleaning involves stripping off any old polish, scrubbing the floor to remove dirt and applying several coats of polish.

Often these floors are not properly sealed when they are first put down, polish makes them look smarter and much easier to maintain.

The Rubber Floor Cleaning Process:

The floor in the picture is an old Dalsouple rubber floor that we have maintained for several years.

Rubber floors are softer, more light sensitive and more porous than marmoleum or lino. This can lead to them looking scuffed and scruffy if not well maintained.

We have extensive experience in cleaning both domestic and commercial rubber floors, Dalsouple and other brands, in London and, in most cases, can restore an old floor.

Professional cleaning removes any old seals and polishes and restores it’s colour. We recommend sealing the floor after cleaning with an impregnating seal. This sinks into the stone and does not affect its appearance.