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Stone Cleaning, Restoration and Polishing

Is Your Stone Floor Looking as Good as it Was When it Was New?

It may need cleaning or polishing.

We can both clean, hone and polish stone floors. If your floor is worn, scuffed or scratched it can honed, using diamond pads, to remove marks and then polished. Limestone, travertine and marble floors will wear over time. Our 70kg. machines remove scratches and wear and restore the original finish.

The Stone Cleaning Process:

This marble work top was scratched and etched , we honed out all the marks then re-polished it.

Stone floors benefit from a professional clean every year.

This removes any build-up of dirt and care products and gives it back its original appearance.

Professional cleaning removes any old seals and polishes and restores it’s colour. We recommend sealing the floor after cleaning with an impregnating seal. This sinks into the stone and does not affect its appearance.

Like floors, stone kitchen work tops and vanity units can be honed to remove etching and scratches and polished.

When stone is first put down it is often coated with a topical seal that sits on the surface of the stone and gives it a shine.

This seal will wear and discolour over time so the natural colour of the stone is dulled.

Our Guide to Maintaining Stone and Hard Floors.