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Treating Stains and Spillages.

We have specific treatments for most stains, though we cannot guarantee to remove an individual stain we will know how to clean it in the most effective way.

Many stains, wine/paint/ink/makeup and glue are best cleaned professionally.

A few tips on dealing with spillages on upholstery:

  • It is easy to damage upholstery by spot cleaning.
  • Use kitchen towels to soak up the stain.
  • Use a cloth well wrung out with hot water and a little detergent to wipe off any residue. Don’t get the fabric wetter.

A few tips on dealing with spillages on wool and synthetic carpets:

  • Dont’ panic
  • Avoid overwetting a carpet or rubbing it.
  • Think carefully before using any spot cleaners, many will bleach a carpet.
  • Put spot cleaners on a clean cotton towel and wipe the stain rather putting than cleaner the directly onto the carpet.
  • Test any spot cleaning product on an inconspicuous area of carpet to see if it bleaches the carpet or affects the pile.
  • For spilt liquids, drinks etc. put kitchen towel or a towel on the stains and stand on it,
  • repeat until no more liquid is being absorbed
  • Detergents won’t usually help to remove tea coffee and wine.
  • Cleaning oil based stains (tar, make up, some inks) with water will often make them worse. Restrictions on the sale of solvents means that you cannot buy solvent spot cleaners in the shops. They are best cleaned professionally
  • We have much more success in removing stains if they have not cleaned with a spot cleaners
  • Do not attempt to spot clean viscose, silk or linen carpets and rugs, it is very easy to damage the pile. Just blot up spillages with kitchen towel.

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